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As the implementation of ASEAN integration is now on its full swing, the reality of having a full functioning regional organization of ASEAN is now taking shape. In order to fully accomplish the goals of the ASEAN Community, more cooperation between the ASEAN Secretariat and its Associated Entities as e.g. the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) and ASEANSAI needs to be established.

It is worth noting that the ASEAN Charter encourages engagement with associated entities including AIPA and ASEANSAI. The statutes of the associated entities clearly define the purpose to help facilitate the achievement of the goals of ASEAN and the entities expressed their wish to actively contribute. However, there is still an apparent lack of a more effective mechanism to exchange information amongst the Secretariats so that issues of common concern are effectively addressed.

ASEAN’s 50th anniversary in 2017 is a good milestone to discuss with the two associated entities the way ahead and identify the most important corridors for future cooperation. To prepare for the planned ASEAN Agencies Retreat in 2017 and to further discuss the cooperation with ASEANSAI, the ASEANSAI Secretariat was invited to attend ASEAN, AIPA and ASEANSAI Workshop which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2 to 3 November 2016. The workshop aims to discuss areas of cooperation between ASEANSAI and the ASEAN Secretariat as well as the modalities for the ASEAN-AIPA Retreat 2017.

It was the first time meeting of ASEC, AIPA, and ASEANSAI to discuss at the same assembly. During the workshop, participants discussed the current conditions of the relationship and partnership between three agencies, strategic framework for the three agencies’ secretariat, and plan for ASEAN Agencies Retreat 2017.

Led by Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs Department, H.E. AKP Mochtan, trilateral workshop between the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC), the Secretariat of AIPA and ASEAN Supreme Audit Institutions (ASEANSAI) Secretariat was attended by about 22 participants from the ASEAN Secretariat, the AIPA Secretariat, ASEANSAI Secretariat and GIZ.

The meeting participants agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation between the three secretariats and other relevant ASEAN agencies with regard to the role of ASEAN, involve ASEAN community and capacity development of each institution.

Furthermore, in this occasion were also discussed the 50th anniversary of ASEAN, which represents an opportunity to carry out joint commemoration. This workshop also emphasized the 2012 retreat results and plans to conduct next retreat in 2017, more involving ASEAN entities in early 2017.

BPK as the ASEANSAI Secretariat was represented by R. Yudi Ramdan Budiman (Head of Public Relations and International Cooperation Bureau), Wahyudi (Head of International Cooperation Division) and Yuli Puspitasari (staff).