INTOSAI Working Group on Accountability for and Audit of Disaster-related Aid started as the INTOSAI Tsunami Task Force which developed as a respond to the Tsunami disaster in South East Asia on December 2004. The Task Force was established in the 54th INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting in Vienna in November 2005 with the Algemene Rekenkamer (SAI of Netherlands) as the Chair and Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea (SAI of Korea) and BPK as the vice chairs.

The Task Force was aimed to trace global audit for Disaster-related Aid and perform a pilot study on the flow of fund/aid and formulated guidance for SAIs based on best practices and the pilot study.

On November 2007 during XIX INCOSAI Meeting in Mexico, the Task Force was decided to enlarge the scope of the disaster and continued the work as Working Group on Accountability for and Audit of Disaster-related Aid chaired by European Court of Auditors (ECA).

The members of Working Group included 20 SAIs namely: Australia, Austria, European Court of Auditor, Indonesia, France, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Afrika, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Uni Emirat Arab, United Kingdom dan United States of America.

During its membership in WGAADA, BPK has contributed in several activities such as:

  1. BPK was involved in the pilot project on Disaster-related Aid Audit Guidance development;
  2. BPK coordinated Parallel Audit on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Phase involving SAI of Pakistan and SAI of Turkey;
  3. BPK was involved in the parallel audit on disaster preparedness coordinated by SAI of Turkey;
  4. BPK was involved in finalizing the ISSAI 5500 series before it were endorsed during the INCOSAI XXII Meeting in Beijing, China.

Having ISSAI 5500 series and INTOSAI GOV 9250 as outputs, the Working Group was officially dissolved in the INCOSAI XXII Meeting on October 2013.