Research Project

ASOSAI Research Project was established to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience among the ASOSAI member as well as to enhance their audit capacity. For this purpose, subjects of the members’ interests are selected for the Research Project. The first ASOSAI Research Project was conducted in 1986. From 1986 to 2015, there have been ten ASOSAI Research Projects with different themes, based on three-year terms.

The Audit Board of The Republic Indonesia (BPK) have been involved in ASOSAI Research Project since 1986. During its involvement, BPK has actively participated in several research projects and research publications either as participant or host SAI. Most activities involving the survey, discussions on the topic of research projects, and report presentation to the Governing Board Meeting and the Assembly.

Currently, BPK is working on 2 research projects namely:

1.      Audit of Public-Private Partnership Arrangements.

The team led by SAI Pakistan and composed with 9 SAIs – China, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

2.      Methods for Developing Risk Based Audit Plans.

The team led by SAI Malaysia and composed with 13 SAIs – Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

By participating in ASOSAI Research Project, BPK aims to encourage and promote research in auditing and related fields.