Working Group on Value and Benefits of SAIs (WGVBS) was established on the INCOSAI XIX in Mexico City in 2007. The purpose of the establishment of this WG is to develop a framework for defining and measuring the value and benefits of SAIs in an effort to improve people's welfare.  WGVBS is chaired by SAI of Mexico. Previously, there was an INTOSAI Task force on SAI Data Base which developed the Database of SAIs and finally merged into WGVBS

BPK joined the Task Force on SAI Data Base on June 28, 2011 and became the member of Working Group on Value and Benefits (WGVBS) when it was merged in 2014.

​BPK's contribution in WGVBS are participating on the meeting on Task Force on SAI Database, completing its questionnaire, attending course and providing input on INTOSAI Glossary and participation on the Online Survey on Value and Benefits of SAIs