Sponsored Workshop

ASOSAI organizes an ASOSAI Sponsored Workshop every once a year to strengthen the audit capabilities of its member SAIs. Workshop sessions are prepared in a manner that the participants can learn both technical and practical aspects of the topic, which would help participants apply the knowledge in the future audits. In particular, auditing competencies in planning, execution, and reporting, specifically referring to ISSAIs, will be developed during the workshop.

The Audit Board of The Republic Indonesia (BPK) have been involved in ASOSAI-Sponsored Workshop since 1991. During its involvement, BPK has actively participated in several workshops such asworkshop on Performance Audit in 2008, workshop on Audit of Privatization in 2009, workshop on Environment Audit in 2010, workshop on Audit of Public Debt in 2011, workshop on Dealing with Fraud and Corruption in 2012, workshop on Performance Audit in 2013, and workshop on Assessment of Internal Control in 2015.

By participating in ASOSAI-Sponsored Workshop, BPK aims at developing the competencies of the auditors as well as gaining a thorough understanding about audit.