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The International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions  (INTOSAI) is an autonomous, independent and non-political organisation. It operates as an umbrella organisation for the external government audit community. INTOSAI has provided an institutionalised framework for supreme audit institutions to promote development and transfer of knowledge, improve government auditing worldwide and enhance professional capacities, standing and influence of member SAIs in their respective countries. In keeping with INTOSAI's motto, 'Experientia mutua omnibus prodest', the exchange of experience among INTOSAI members and the findings and insights which result, are a guarantee that government auditing continuously progresses with new developments.

INTOSAI was founded in 1953 at the initiative of Emilio Fernandez Camus, the President of the SAI of Cuba. At that time, 34 SAIs met for the 1st INTOSAI Congress in Cuba. At present INTOSAI has 192 Full Members and 5 Associated Members.

Endorsed by INTOSAI Governing Board on the 6th INTOSAI Congress in Tokyo, Japan,  BPK became the INTOSAI member on 22 Mei 1968. The endorsement was attended by BPK Chairman, D. Suprajogi and Secretary General, Muljatno Sindhudarmoko.