​​​​​​​The Subcommittee on Voluntary Peer Reviews ​

The Subcommittee on Peer Reviews was established under the scope of Goal 2 of INTOSAI which focuses on Capacity Building Committee on March 2006. The subcommittee was first chaired by SAI of Germany aiming to promote the best practices and quality assurance among SAIs through voluntary Peer Reviews. It has worked on the ISSAI 5600 about Peer Review Guidelines and Checklist and has it endorsed by 2010 on​ XX INCOSAI Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa.

BPK joined the Subcommittee on September 2013. Since then, BPK has contributed by completing a survey on peer review. Currently, the subcommittee is committed to improve and update the Guidelines on Peer Review based on the peer review reports submitted by its member SAIs. By 2015, Subcommittee has 14 SAI members, they are: Austria, Bangladesh, Croatia, European Court of Auditors, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Morocco, Peru, Poland, Slovakia (Chair), Sweden, United States of America  ​