Working Group of Financial Modernization and Regulatory Reform  (WGFMRR)

Started as Task Force of Global Financial Crises formed during the 58th INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting in November 2008, Working Group of Financial Modernization and Regulatory Reform  (WGFMRR) was the actualization of the global initiative in responding to global financial crises happened during the time. The change into Working Group was happened during the 62th INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting in Chengdu, China on 2012. The Working Group aims to improve the basic knowledge of SAIs about the economic and financial problems related to the crises. Thus, helping the Governments and the world to respond the crises through providing the necessary information.

Currently, WGFMRR memberships include SAIs from  Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America (Chair), Venezuela.​

As a member of WGFMRR, BPK has actively participated in several meetings and teleconference done by the Working Group. Most activities involving the discussion and analysis of reports about financial stability and other reports made by international bodies and national authorities about global issues related to financial sector.